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Whiskey EDDU Kejadenn 50%
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EDDU Kejadenn 50%
EDDU Kejadenn is a Breton whisky known for its unique character and terroir. Distilled from...
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Whiskey ROZELIEURES Origin 40%
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G.Rozelieures is the first single malt whisky produced in Lorraine and marketed since 2007. It...
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Founded in 1908 by Don José Varela Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, the Abuelo brand started with Panama’s first sugar mill in the country's fertile valley. In 1936, following the wishes of his sons José Manuel, Plinio, and Julio, Don José ventured into distilling sugarcane juice, distinguishing himself with the exceptional quality of his products.
The distillery evolved to produce rum, leveraging the potential of their sugarcane and aging in oak barrels that enrich the aromas. More than a century later, the Varela family, now in its third generation, continues to manage the business with passion. They cultivate over 1200 hectares of sugarcane and maintain the international reputation of their rums.
Today, Abuelo is globally recognized, offering a range of rums that balance tradition and innovation. Each bottle of Abuelo embodies the legacy and craftsmanship of the Varela family, celebrating their commitment to quality and the artisanship of Panamanian rum.

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ABUELO Centuria 40%
ABUELO Centuria 40%
Abuelo Centuria is an exceptional rum from Panama, created through the blending of very old rums...
€159.00 Price