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n the pearl of Martinique, the JM distillery releases this CANOPEE vintage made from a blend of...
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Michel Couvreur was a Belgian-born wine and spirits enthusiast who relocated to Burgundy, France, in the 1950s. He initially worked in the wine industry but later developed a passion for Scotch whisky. This passion led him to explore traditional whisky-making methods in Scotland, where he learned about the importance of aging whisky in oak casks, particularly those previously used for sherry.

In the late 1970s, Michel Couvreur decided to bring his newfound expertise and love for whisky back to France. He established his own company in Bouze-lès-Beaune, Burgundy, focusing on blending and aging Scotch whisky using traditional Scottish techniques combined with his own unique approach. One of the distinguishing features of Michel Couvreur whiskies is the exclusive use of sherry casks for aging, sourced directly from Spain.

Couvreur's whiskies quickly gained recognition for their distinctive profiles, characterized by rich flavors and a smooth finish influenced by the sherry casks. Each batch was meticulously crafted to reflect his vision of blending French artistry with Scottish whisky-making traditions. Over the years, Michel Couvreur whiskies have garnered a loyal following among connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, celebrated for their complexity, balance, and the unmistakable touch of Burgundy terroir.

Today, Michel Couvreur whiskies continue to be produced in limited quantities, maintaining their reputation for excellence and innovation within the whisky industry. They are sought after by collectors and aficionados looking to experience a unique expression of whisky that embodies both French craftsmanship and Scottish heritage.

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