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JM is a distillery located in Martinique, at the foot of Mount Pelee, Macouba in the north of the island, within the Bellevue estate. It was created in 1845 by Jean-Marie Martin and has used the name of its founder to represent its rums since 1919. The JM distillery is one of the rare rum distilleries to possess the AOC Rhum Agricole de Martinique due to the origin of the sugar cane, the absence of molasses and the duration of its ageing. It is also a wish of the distillery to perpetuate its know-how, the exceptional quality of their rums and their artisanal production. The Rum is distilled in two traditional copper columns, of the Creole type. Old J.M Rums are particularly popular with rum connoisseurs in search of new taste sensations.

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