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n the pearl of Martinique, the JM distillery releases this CANOPEE vintage made from a blend of...
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The Michard Distillery, located in Limoges, is a family-run business that has earned a distinguished place in the French brewing and distilling landscape. Founded in 1987, the Michard Brewery was among the first microbreweries in France, at a time when the concept was still relatively unknown in the country. The Michard family, led by Jean Michard, has always been driven by a passion for authenticity and artisanal quality, which led them to explore and perfect brewing and distilling techniques.

The brewery initially specialized in producing craft beers, which quickly became recognized for their unique taste and superior quality. Michard beers are crafted with carefully selected ingredients and adhere to traditional production methods, while also incorporating innovations to constantly improve their products.

Building on their success in the beer industry, the Michard family decided to expand their expertise to whisky distillation. This led to the installation of a distillery within the brewery’s production chain. This decision was part of a strategy to enhance the local terroir and expertise, allowing them to create exceptional spirits.

The uniqueness of Michard whiskies lies in the use of a unique living yeast strain, which imparts an inimitable flavor to the wort before distillation. This rare and confidential technique is one of the keys to the rich and complex flavor profile of Michard whiskies. The whiskies are aged in new oak barrels, adding characteristic woody and toasted notes.

Today, Jean Michard, along with Julie Michard, continues to uphold this tradition of excellence. The Michard Distillery in Limoges is not only a production site but also a place of discovery where visitors can witness brewing and distilling techniques while enjoying the company’s friendly and authentic atmosphere. Visitors can also appreciate the nuances of Michard products, whether it be beers or whiskies, by tasting these artisanal creations that reflect the Michard family’s expertise and passion.

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