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Neisson, the smallest independent distillery in Martinique, was created in the commune of Carbet by the Neisson brothers in 1931, Adrien and Jean, who each had a very specific role. Adrien took care of operations. His brother Jean, an engineer by trade, was responsible for the transformation, and the installation in 1958 of their famous distillation columns made of copper known as the Savalle column.
It was in 1995, that the Neisson distillery changed hands, Claudine Vernant Neisson, heir to this distillery, accompanied by her son, overhauled the running of it and within 3 years they had put it back on map. Their success continued to grow, and in 2013, the two innovators decided to produce organic agricultural rums, in perfect harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

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Rum NEISSON Profil 107
NEISSON Profil 107
Neisson rum Profile 107 is an agricultural rum produced by the Neisson distillery in Martinique....
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