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The history of the Abuelo brand began in 1908 when a young Spanish emigrant, Don José Varela Blanco, founded the country's first sugar factory in the heart of the fertile valley of Panama. In 1936, adhering to the wishes of his three eldest sons, José Manuel, Plinio and Julio, Don José began the distillation of cane juice for the production of liqueur and distinguished himself from the start with products of extraordinary quality. With more than a century of existence, Abuelo still belongs to the Varela family who cultivate more than 1,200 hectares of sugar cane across the country.

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ABUELO Centuria 40%
ABUELO Centuria 40%
Abuelo Centuria est un rhum d'exception du Panama issu de l'assemblage de très vieux rhums élevés...
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