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Whiskey TAMDHU 12 ans 43%
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TAMDHU 12 ans 43%
Tamdhu 12 Year Old is a Scottish single malt whisky produced in the Speyside region, renowned for...
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YAMAZAKI 12 ans 43%
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YAMAZAKI 12 ans 43%
Yamazaki 12 years old is an exceptional Japanese whisky originating from Japan's oldest...
€169.00 Price
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Rhum Clément - Martinique


Located in the heart of sugar cane plantations, Habitation Clément is located on the Acajou estate in Martinique since 1887. It was not until 1940 that they put their name to rum. In 1986, the family business was bought by the Bernard Hayot group and changed the direction. A true institution in Martinique, the Clément brand has managed to preserve its production traditions and the tropical aging of its rums makes it a well known in the industry and gives rise to true rum gems.

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