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PAPA ROUYO 1 year 2022 - Habitation Velier 56.7%

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The amber rum Papa Rouyo 2022 is crafted from the red sugar cane variety R579 grown in the Northwest of Guadeloupe, on the lands of l’Écluse. Aged for one year in former coarse-grain Cognac casks, Papa Rouyo is distinguished by fruity aromas of sugarcane and caramel, with a hint of vanilla and a subtle milky texture on the palate. Candied citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruit intertwine with exotic fruits such as pineapple and plantain banana. Intense honeysuckle on the nose immediately captures attention, leading to a balanced finish of ginger and caramel. Habitation Velier is renowned for its rums free from added sugar, coloring, and flavors.

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Nose: Rich, concentrated. Upon first sniff, intense honeysuckle dominates the scene. With aeration, hints of candied ginger and nutmeg accentuate the heady character of the aromatic palette, followed by sugarcane and precious wood (oak).

Palate: Clean, sharp. Quite different from the nose, the initial palate sensation is vanilla-like, almost milky (yogurt, fresh cream). Candied citrus (lemon, grapefruit) and exotic fruits (pineapple, plantain banana) then take over, providing a delightful relay. The finish is subtly fibrous.

Finish: Long, velvety. Evoking peach skin, it echoes the candied ginger notes from the nose while evolving into creamy toffee flavors. The freshness akin to sugarcane is refreshed by a juice of great purity.


Papa Rouyo, born Charles Albert Ruscade, son of farmers in Guadeloupe, was a Master Sugarcane Farmer until 1980. His grandson and a community of growers are contemplating how to valorize an excellent cane variety. The journey begins with a commitment to respecting the land, from harvesting the freshly cut cane to distillation using a pot still. They emphasize the traceability of their rums from cane to bottle. Aging takes place in a barrel cellar, with barrels selected from new French and American oak, as well as red ex-Cognac casks, following traditional cooperage practices. This micro-distillery undoubtedly has a promising future with already impressive expressions.


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Rhum Agricole
Maison de Négoce
Embouteilleur Officiel

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