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Whiskey EDDU Kejadenn 50%
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EDDU Kejadenn 50%
EDDU Kejadenn is a Breton whisky known for its unique character and terroir. Distilled from...
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Whiskey ROZELIEURES Origin 40%
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G.Rozelieures is the first single malt whisky produced in Lorraine and marketed since 2007. It...
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The Mabillot Distillery, located in Issoudun, Indre, is the result of the hard work and passion of two brothers, Matthieu and Renaud Mabillot. Their story began in 2017 when they decided to embark on the adventure of producing local whiskey, 100% made in Berry, within their farm distillery. The roots of the Mabillot family are deeply embedded in the fertile land of the region. For several generations, they have been dedicated to agriculture, cultivating lands rich in barley, a cereal essential to whiskey production. Guided by a deep respect for family traditions and a desire to innovate, the Mabillot brothers have successfully combined ancestral know-how with modernity. Over the years, the family has invested in modern facilities while preserving traditional distillation methods. The result is an exceptional range of whiskies, whose quality and aroma richness reflect the authenticity and terroir of the Berry region. But the Mabillot Distillery does not only produce excellent whiskies. It also commits to sustainable practices, demonstrating its respect for the environment and local communities. By favoring the use of local ingredients and adopting production methods that are respectful of the ecosystem, the Mabillot distillery embodies the values of responsibility and integrity.Today, the Mabillot Distillery has become a must-visit destination in the world of French whiskey, attracting spirit enthusiasts from around the globe. Its story, blending tradition and innovation, makes it a true symbol of artisanal craftsmanship and passion for distillation.

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