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Metropolis 49%
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Metropolis 49%
Discover Metropolis, the third installment in the "Extinct Blends Quartet" series by Compass Box,...
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Whisky MARS - Distillerie Japonaise - Mon Whisky


The Mars Shinshu distillery, in Japan, is perched 800 meters above sea level on the island of Honshu and has an extraordinary history. It was founded by the famous Kiichiro Iwai, the man behind famous Masataka Taketsuru’s move toScotland and above all the owner of a spirits company producing shochu (Japanese brandy). The distilleries water supply comes from the Kiso Mountains and thus benefits from the pure resources of the mountain by crossing thick layers of granite which purify it before its arrival. Their whiskies are marketed under the name Komagatake.
Mars has a second artisanal distillery, Tsuinuki, since 2016 as well as an aging cellar on the island of Yakushima allowing them to produce whiskies from different climates.

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