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BUSHMILLS 21 ans 40%
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BUSHMILLS 21 ans 40%
Le single malt Bushmills 21 ans est issu de l'assemblage de fûts de bourbon et de fûts de sherry...
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Distillerie MORTLACH - Mon Whisky


Founded in 1823, Mortlach is a whisky distillery in Speyside, Scotland. Located on the site of a former illicit distillery, Mortlach was one of the few distilleries authorised to produce alcohol during the 2nd World War. The distillery was bought in 1923 by Johnnie Walter and now belongs to the Diageo group.
Mortlach has the particularity of producing whisky with 2.8 distillations: 80% of the product is distilled three times and 20% is distilled twice.

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