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Whiskey TAMDHU 12 ans 43%
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TAMDHU 12 ans 43%
Tamdhu 12 Year Old is a Scottish single malt whisky produced in the Speyside region, renowned for...
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YAMAZAKI 12 ans 43%
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YAMAZAKI 12 ans 43%
Yamazaki 12 years old is an exceptional Japanese whisky originating from Japan's oldest...
€169.00 Price
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Whisky KNOCKDHU - Traditional Scottish Distillery| Mon Whisky


The Knockdhu distillery, nestled in the Scottish Highlands, was founded in 1894 by John Morrison. Its Gaelic name, "Knockdhu," translates to "the little black hill." Despite periods of inactivity throughout its history, the distillery has maintained its tradition of producing quality single malts. The water used comes from pure, crystalline mountain springs, enhancing the richness and purity of its whiskies' aromas. Knockdhu is also known for using sherry and bourbon casks in the aging process, adding complexity and depth to its expressions. Today, Knockdhu distillery takes pride in its heritage and continues to produce whiskies that captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

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