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Whiskey EDDU Kejadenn 50%
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EDDU Kejadenn 50%
EDDU Kejadenn is a Breton whisky known for its unique character and terroir. Distilled from...
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Whiskey ROZELIEURES Origin 40%
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G.Rozelieures is the first single malt whisky produced in Lorraine and marketed since 2007. It...
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STRATHISLA - Distillerie écossaise du Speyside - Mon Whisky


Tamdhu is a whisky distillery located in Speyside, Scotland. It was created in 1897 by a group of assemblers (including William Grant) to produce a whisky intended for the production of blends. Inspired by the vision of its founders, the distillery was subsequently purchased in 2011 by Ian Macleod Distillers. It was recognised in 1898 by Alfred Barnard, whisky historian, as "the most modern and well-designed distillery of its time".

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Chivas Mizunara box - 40%
  • -€6.00
Chivas Mizunara box - 40%
When introduced in 2013, Chivas Regal Mizunara marks a unique milestone in whiskey making, being...
€52.50 Regular price -€6.00 €58.50 Price