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Citadelle Gin Français 44%
  • Citadelle Gin Français 44%

Citadelle Gin Français 44%

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Precursor of French gin, the Ferrand house presented its first original Citadelle gin in 1996. Dry and structured, it finds its balance between finesse and intensity. From the outset, the juniper presents the signature of Citadelle. The craftsmanship of the house will pay off, because this gin has won numerous international medals and has been voted the best gin in the world, among others.

Citadelle Gin Medals:

Silver Medal, Classic Gin category at the World Gin Awards 2020.

Silver Medal, London Dry category at the IWSC 2019.

Silver Medal, London Dry category at the IWSC 2017.

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Nose: precise and uncompromising, marked by notes of cedar and smoke. A lemony note emerges from the glass quickly followed by bacon and spicy notes. Almond milk.

Palate: just as assertive as the nose. Generous on the flavors of peat which declines around the aromas of burnt wood, ashes and chimney fire. Smoked fish, hint of liquorice.

Finish: persistent on peat, but in a much more medicinal register, cardamom, eucalyptus. Back to tar, macadam and dried fish.


Citadelle, the first French gin created twenty-five years ago by Alexandre Gabriel, master blender of Cognacs Ferrand. Symbolizing the lifestyle of the South-West, Citadelle is an exceptional gin that embodies passion and creativity. Each bottle is the result of a meticulous infusion process, preserving the virtues of juniper berries and carefully selected botanicals. Join our team of enthusiasts by planting your own juniper tree in front of the castle, bringing each bottle of Citadelle to life. Discover the quintessential French gin, to be enjoyed with family and friends, enhanced with a touch of lemon zest for an unforgettable experience.


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