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The Tomintoul distillery, nestled in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Speyside in Scotland, is a gem in the whisky industry. Its history dates back to 1964 when the Hay brothers embarked on the construction of this distillery, thus meeting the increasing demand for Scottish whisky of that time. In seeking to use the purest spring water, it took a year of research to determine the location of the distillery, situated near the Ballantruan source, flowing from the Cromdale hills.
Throughout its history, the Tomintoul distillery has successfully combined tradition and modernity. Renovations and improvements have been made to its facilities to increase production capacity while preserving its unique and authentic character. Tomintoul's product range mainly consists of single malts, renowned for their smoothness, floral aromas, and elegance. Each expression, whether young or aged, captivates the senses and demonstrates the exceptional craftsmanship of the distillery.

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