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rum HAMPDEN 7 YO OWH - Habitation Velier 2016
  • rum HAMPDEN 7 YO OWH - Habitation Velier 2016

HAMPDEN 7 ans OWH - Habitation Velier

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Hampden 7 years 2016 OWH by Habitation Velier is an exceptional Jamaican rum. Distilled at the renowned Hampden Estate distillery, this rum showcases an intense and complex character. With ester levels ranging between 40 and 80 grams per hectoliter of pure alcohol, this variation of the OWH mark (Outram Wormald Hussey) stands out for having the lowest ester content among rums produced by Hampden Estate. It aged entirely in a tropical climate, in American oak barrels previously used for bourbon, resulting in an angel's share of 42%. Bottled in 2023, it underwent no additions or dilutions.

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Nose: Rich and heady. Scents of vetiver, rubber, sugarcane, and camphor vie for attention. Upon aeration, the aromatic palette becomes more medicinal (balm, mustard plaster) and smoky. Then, exotic fruits (banana, pineapple) permeate the olfactory space.

Palate: Lively and spirited. The palate is met with flavors of distillate full of character. A blend of coriander, tar, sugarcane, and geranium honey dominates the mid-palate. Finally, toffee and ripe bananas soothe the taste buds.

Finish: Long and heady. At the outset of the finish, the potency of the distillate serves as a foundation for the flavor profile. Gradually, lactose notes (agave, coconut), fruity hints (melon, apricot), and refreshing menthol emerge, refreshing an increasingly floral aftertaste, marked by iris concrete.


Hampden Estate, one of Jamaica's oldest sugar estates, has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Founded in 1753, Hampden quickly became renowned for its sugar production, leveraging Jamaica's fertile lands and favorable climate. By the 19th century, the estate had established itself as a key player in the global sugar industry, exporting its products across Europe and North America. In addition to sugar, Hampden began distilling rum in the traditional Jamaican style, known for its robust and flavorful profiles. This marked the beginning of Hampden's reputation as a producer of high-quality rum, characterized by its distinctively heavy pot still distillation method .Over the years, Hampden has preserved its heritage and artisanal approach to rum-making, remaining one of Jamaica's most respected distilleries. Today, Hampden Estate continues to produce exceptional rums celebrated for their complexity, depth of flavor, and adherence to traditional methods. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, Hampden remains a cornerstone of Jamaica's rum industry, cherished by enthusiasts worldwide for its rich history and exceptional spirits.



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