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Montebello Rhum Vieux Agricole 13 ans single cask 2009 45,9%
  • Montebello Rhum Vieux Agricole 13 ans single cask 2009 45,9%

Montebello Rhum Vieux Agricole 13 ans single cask 2009 45,9%

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Montebello old agricultural single cask 2009 rum aged 3 years in cognac barrels then 10 years in bourbon barrels. No. 1029 comes from a selection of blue and red cane. Once the juice is extracted, it is placed for more than 3 days in fermentation tanks. The distillation is then carried out in continuous Savalle-type columns in the pure tradition of rums from the French West Indies. The special aging of this rum gives it a very unique character. This exceptional rum is generous, greedy.


Nose: Generous: nuts mingle with aromas of vanilla tinged with a certain freshness.

Mouth: The attack is remarkably supple: the wood softens the tannins bringing gourmet notes.


The artisanal distillery Montebello was founded in 1930, it was called at that time the Carrère distillery, name of the hamlet where it is located, nestled in the first reliefs of the plain of Petit-Bourg in Guadeloupe. Taken over in 1966 by the Marsolle family, it is now the fourth generation that operates.

The distillery is proud to assure that more than 90% of its production comes from canes hand-picked by small farmers around its place of production, canes not benefiting from inputs and phytosanitary.

The distillery is one of the last in the Caribbean to use a steam boiler, and is also part of the historical heritage of the island. It is equipped with 2 distillation columns, one copper and the other stainless steel. After a mandatory rest in vats of several months, the rum is slowly reduced with filtered water coming from a source near the distillery (ravine de la soufrière).

The Montebello distillery was one of the first distilleries to have the idea of old rums



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