RHUM Ti ARRANGES DE CED - Mango Passion Fruit 32%

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Ti 'Arrangé de Ced' Mango Passion Fruit, a combination of two fruits, one sweet and tasty, the other tangy. A mix that appeals to lovers of exotic fruits. The rum used is an AOC from Martinique having aged in ex-Sauternes casks and also in ex-Cognac casks. 


Nose : This mango passion fruit flavoured rum is really under the influence of the mango, and very fresh, also with a background of passion fruit. 

Palate : A nice roundness highlighting the taste of mango and passion fruit. 

Finish : Pleasant, round and fruity. 


Ced's Arranged Rums are the result of long research by Cédric BREMENT, the founder of the company located in the Pays de la Loire, near Nantes, created in 2011. 

Unlike many "Rum arrangé", Ced rums are made from agricultural rum with pure sugar cane juice from Martinique and not molasses rum. The fruits come mainly from local producers who practice sustainable agriculture, and which are transported by air, and directly packaged to keep the freshness of the fruit. The success of the brand continues to grow and its rums have already received dozens of medals in international competitions. They develop daring "Rum arrangé", with surprising blends for a sensational explosion of flavours on the palate.

A truly exceptional product to taste and discover. 

Ti Ced

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32 %
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