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Arran is a distillery located in Scotland which was founded in 1995 and managed since 2007 by James MacTaggart. It is now the only distillery still in operation on the Isle of Arran, among nearly 50 in the past. Arran, distinguished by its refinements in a wide variety of barrels that have contained wine (from Champagne, Margaux or Marsala), but also eaux-de-vie (cognac, calvados). The distillery also has the particularity of producing whisky made from forgotten barley varieties, as well as a series of vintage single casks often bottled in the cask. Produced on an island to the west of the Scottish mainland, its style resembles that of a Highland whisky.

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Whisky ARRAN 25 ans
ARRAN 25 Year 46%
Arran 25 year is to date the oldest permanent bottling of this independent distillery from the...
€415.00 Price
ARRAN 17 YO 46%
ARRAN 17 YO 46%
The arrival of autumn is synonymous with the annual release of Arran 18 years, a permanent...
€149.00 Price