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The Daftmill Distillery is a whisky distillery located in Cupar, in the kingdom of Fife, Scotland. Founded in 2005 by brothers Francis and Ian Cuthbert, the distillery is situated on the grounds of the Daftmill family farm, which has been owned by the Cuthbert family since the mid-19th century. The distillery project was born out of the Cuthbert brothers' passion for whisky and their desire to create high-quality whisky while adhering to Scottish traditions. Unlike many other distilleries that seek to maximize production, Daftmill takes an artisanal and traditional approach, producing whisky in small quantities and focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Daftmill Distillery is equipped with two traditional copper pot stills and uses locally grown barley for its whisky production. The production process is carefully monitored by the Cuthbert brothers, who pay meticulous attention to each step, from fermentation to distillation to aging in oak casks.

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