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Whiskey TAMDHU 12 ans 43%
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TAMDHU 12 ans 43%
Tamdhu 12 Year Old is a Scottish single malt whisky produced in the Speyside region, renowned for...
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YAMAZAKI 12 ans 43%
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YAMAZAKI 12 ans 43%
Yamazaki 12 years old is an exceptional Japanese whisky originating from Japan's oldest...
€169.00 Price
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Whisky KAVALAN - Taïwan


Owned by the King Car Group, the first Taiwanese distillery opened in 2002 in Yi-Lan province, north-eastern Taiwan. In order to release the best whisky with an inimitable style, they knew to surround themselves with the best experts. The profile of Kavalan’s single malt is fruity, floral, fresh and subtle spicy. This is a result of using unsmoked malted barley from Scotland, as well as a particularly short heating time. Ian Chang, the master blender of the distillery, captures in the distillate the purest aromas that make Kavalan a great signature, with richness and elegance. 

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