ARMORIK 14 yo 2008 Sherry Single Cask 58%
  • ARMORIK 14 yo 2008 Sherry Single Cask 58%

ARMORIK 14 yo 2008 Sherry Single Cask 58%

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Explore the exceptional ARMORIK 14-year-old 2008 Sherry Single Cask 58% whisky. Immerse yourself in the heritage of the Warenghem distillery, founded on July 1, 1900, in Lannion by Léon Warenghem, a true pioneer in the art of whisky crafting in France.

In the tradition of the great Speyside whiskies of the 20th century, this Armorik has matured in Spanish oak casks, offering a daring tasting experience marked by intense bitter, fruity, malty, spicy, and chocolaty notes of exceptional intensity. Allow yourself to be captivated by its magnificent oxidative character, a testament to the time that has shaped this precious elixir.

Rich and concentrated, this whisky reveals aromas of chocolate, orange, cherry, and coffee.

Limited edition of 244 bottles.


Nose: Expressive and greedy, it develops on apricots, muscat and mango. Gourmet notes follow, on toasted almonds and candied orange. 

Palate: A fresh and round mouth recalls the fruity Armorik with yellow peach and exotic fruits. The sweetness continues with notes of honey, maple syrup and orange blossom.

Finish: Long, floral (jasmine), the finish oscillates between spices and slightly smoky notes.

The Armorik 10 ans Edition 2023 is a rare whisky, from a careful selection of 8 barrels, which reveals the richness and diversity of the Breton terroir:

- Casks 3351 and 3352: 9 years in bourbon casks then 4 years in Spanish oak sherry refill. Exotic fruits and a touch of smoke

- Casks 5261, 5262 and 5263: 10 years in first fill bourbon casks. Sweet and apricot

- Cask 3555: 3 years in bourbon casks then 7 years in Pedro Ximenez 1st fill casks. Complexity and ripe grape

- Cask 3707: 8 years in bourbon barrels then 2 years in American oak sherry barrels. Sherry notes and roundness

- Cask 3868: 8 years in bourbon casks then 2 years in Spanish oak sherry casks. Spicy and oaky


Armorik was born in Brittany at the Warenghem Distillery. Founded in Lannion in the Côtes d'Armor, on the Côte de Granit Rose, the independent and family distillery for over 100 years produces a single malt Breton whisky, produced from French barley, the distillery’s spring water and distillation in two traditional stills.


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