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SPRINGBANK - Distillerie Ecossaise - Mon Whisky


This distillery is now managed by Hedley G. Wright, who is the Mitchell's grandson, representing the 5th generation of this family. Springbank which is situated in Campbeltowm (Whiskey Capital of the World), was established in 1828. 
Today they produce this unique whisky thanks to the use of lightly peated barley, which is distilled two and a half times. Springbank is a very rich and full single malt, which is also equally very fruity.  All stages of the Springbank whisky making process take place on site, from malting to distillation to bottling. They have a collection of three single malts : Springbank, Hazelburn and Longrow, which differ in their style and manufacturing methods. 

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LONGROW Peated 46%
LONGROW Peated 46%
Longrow Peated is a single malt produced in the Springbank distillery from malting to bottling,...
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