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CARDHU Scotch whisky et distillerie - Mon Whisky


Created in 1811 by the Cumming family, the Cardhu distillery left its mark on history in 1824, when Helen Cumming took over the reins of the distillery. Her first task was to improve their malts, by bringing subtleness, roundness and a beautiful and great fruity intensity to their taste. These changes are what gives Cardhu its distinctive identity today. Thanks to this innovation, Cardhu experienced a real boom, and its success became unavoidable and unquestionable, to such an extent that all the distilleries in the Speyside region wanted to copy this magnificent and authentic single malt. Speyside, considered the birthplace of whisky, still remains the largest producer of single malts in the world. Cardhu is perfectly suited to consumer expectations, with its gourmet and fruity flavors, and also with its range of premium whiskies. 

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